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tv   WESH 2 News at 430AM  NBC  February 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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today."y. jason: it' s 4:30. right now on sunrise. the cruise ship battered by a massive storm is back on land. why it couldn' t dock at port canaveral. plus -- >> my main concern were the kids my grandkids. ,jason: a local home is nearly destroyed after a car plowed into it. why the family says they are grateful. also this morning, parts of central florida are under a freeze warning. overnight, we may have experience the coldest temperatures of this winter. amy has your forecast. starts right now. live. local. late-breaking.
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definition. jason: good thursday morning, i am jason guy. grabbed a coat, hat, and gloves as you are going to need it. you can see the links bus station and some of the buildings, i-4 in the foreground , and it is 40' s we are talking about for this area. amy has your forecast. amy: it is a cold start , freeze warnings and frost advisories for every county in central florida, and we are not done dropping yet. we will climb and it will be a little warmer today than it was yesterday. we will get a lot of sunshine and we will make it into the low to mid 60' s and a lot of spots. at least warmer than yesterday. freeze warnings are in effect until 9:00 a.m. for the northern counties.
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lake county as well as sumter along with flagler and marion county. the frost advisory is in effect for everyone else so although we will not have widespread freezing temperatures, there will be quite a bit of frost. right now it is 28 in ocala. most of our temperatures right now are where we were yesterday for our morning lows. it is 39 in daytona beach and 38 in melbourne. that are below freezing. in flagler county, this will be another spot where we are watching for freezing temperatures. as we had through the day, we will get lots of sunshine. we are still about 10 degrees cooler than average but at least warmer than yesterday, topping out into the low to mid 60' s. ted: we have road work on i-4
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past winston street. you will lose a right lane. once you get to fairbanks, you will be fine. fairbanks, traffic is looking great. i-4 westbound going through ultima, you are looking good. just about the area of altamonte springs only six minutes. jason: we have a developing story we are following this morning as we are working to get the names of the good samaritans who tried to save a man. they jumped into freezing water in the middle of the night. fhp tell us that man crashed into a pond along austin merritt road last night. that' s not far from the florida turnpike in groveland. troopers say the victim was talking to his rescuers, who pulled him out but then suddenly collapsed and died. as soon as we get more information, so will you on air , and online. take a look at this massive hole in an orlando house. it is all because of that car,
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s chris hush went inside the orange county home to get a closer look and shows us all the damage. chris: homeowner joe kinsey doesn' t know where to begin. >> this was two bedrooms. chris: the damage to the inside of his home on rio grande and 19th street is hard to fathom. how far was the car in? >> right up to here. cracked all of this. chris: earlier wednesday evening, orlando police say a sedan slammed into the house, the entire car made it inside. kinsey' s daughter and grandchild tell wesh 2, they were in the same exact spot where the car came to rest, minutes before the driver lost control. >> that' s the room me and my daughter sleeps in. chris: and you were just in there, just before -- >> >> yes, we were in there just five minutes before the car went through the wall. chris: orlando police arrested the 27-year-old driver who police say was involved in a hit and run near colonial drive and i-4.
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local church helped board up the house. electricity is cut off and officials have determined the house to be unsafe to live in. the homeowner says his worries are elsewhere. >> my main concern were the kids my grandkids. ,chris: jason: that was chris hush reporting. we have some breaking news out of oregon. we have just learned cliven bundy, the father of ammon bundy has been arrested. the fbi is expecting the standoff to end today with the four remaining protestors as they surrender. surrounded the refuge building where the group has been holed up since the beginning of last month. their leader, ammon bundy, was taken into custody last month. one protester was killed in a shootout with police. we will continue monitoring this story throughout the morning. when you' re away from the tv, get the latest updates inside or the wesh 2 mobile app. this morning, the passengers of that royal caribbean cruise ship battered by a storm are on land.
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it was supposed to get to port canaveral earlier in the week. you may remember the ship was caught in a major storm in the atlantic ocean earlier this week. royal caribbean says four passengers reported minor injuries. all the people on board that cruise line will get a full refund and a certificate toward 50% off a future cruise. covering brevard county, this morning a corrections deputy is off the job, fired for allegedly having sex with an inmate. deputy barre taylor was arrested and charged with sexual misconduct with a female inmate on two occasions at the jail. this investigation began on tuesday. a day later, the sheriff says the man admitted to the charges. >> i can' t tell you how much it angers me. as you guys know the men and , women of this agency work hard every day to protect our professionalism, to perfect our citizens -- or tech our citizens -- protect our citizens. something like this serves to take that away. this is an individual that dismissed his pledge to do the
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has embarrassed himself and everything he ever stood for. jason: taylor is out on bond. happening today a former marion , county deputy will appear in court on civil rights charges. we showed you this video last month. it shows jesse terrell and four other deputies punching suspect derrick price back in 2014. moments earlier he had laid on , the ground in the parking lot , appearing to surrender. terrell is expected to face a judge in federal court in tampa at 9:30 this morning. the other four deputies all resigned. the man accused of shooting and killing two maryland deputies has ties to central florida. david evans had warrants for his arrest here in orange county, where he was accused of assaulting a police officer. investigators say evidence killed two deputies near baltimore yesterday. 67-year-old evans was later killed in a shootout with police. the sheriff says he thinks the one of the deputies was targeted because he was in uniform. new on sunrise, florida families of first responders killed in a
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increased benefits. the bill passed the senate yesterday, and now needs the approval from the house. it would give surviving family members 100% pension benefits. it is only 50% right now. the bill was inspired by the death of orange county deputy scott pine, who was shot and killed by a burglary suspect in 2014. there is a candlelight vigil today to honor deputy pine. this is the second anniversary of his death. you can pay your respect at 5:30 tonight at westminster abby boulevard and horse ferry road. a man attacked in his own home over pain pills. the two women are behind bars and coming up, what deputies are asking you this morning. also ahead on sunrise a local , nurse' s assistant is off the job and behind bars for allegedly attacking one patient. she tells her side of the story. and this is a live look outside. amy sweezey returns with central florida' s most accurate forecast
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amy: good morning and welcome back, 4:41 on thursday. lots of sunshine today and it is going to be warmer than it was yesterday. we will climb into the low to s, not quite back to normal but warmer than we were on wednesday. we are starting off freezing and much of marion county down in
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done dropping. cold air coming in, we do not have much wind and we have clear skies. 29 in silver springs, 32 in bellevue. a little warmer and clermont at 38, but we will keep dropping. apopka has dropped below freezing, 31 degrees. still 35 in lake mary, 37 in winter park. we have dropped into the mid- 30' s and parts of osceola county. 33 in pierson, 34 in palm coast. a little bit warmer out here the water, where the water temperatures are in the 60' s. we will make it to yesterday' s highs early in the afternoon, and we will keep on climbing. most of us will be in the low to mid 60'
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right now, let' s get a traffic track. ted: roadwork on 95 southbound by state route 44, we have a lane blocked but for the most part traffic is flowing nicely in volusia county. the same thing with i-4, eastbound roadwork until just past princeton. they have the right lane blocked but for the most part you are getting through. downtown orlando, no delays yet. jason: covering volusia county, this woman is accused of attacking a man she was supposed to be taking care of. deputies say marthe alonzeau punched a 65-year-old dementia patient eight times. alonzeau told wesh 2' s matt lupuli her side of the story. >> they must respect their patients. matt: randall says he was shocked to learn a nurse' s
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he is all the more upset he was not told about the accusation until it became a critical -- criminal matter more than a month later. a nurse and another patient says the nurse struck randall ellis and senior as he tried to escape the facility. she lost her job and was charged with elderly abuse. we went to her home to ask about the allegations. she did not want her face shone for our interview but told us the incident was a misunderstanding, that she was trying to protect the patient and she says she waved a towel, not a fixed. >> i was trying to trick him with the towel. but he did not. he kept holding the door and i have been there for 22 years. matt: and you have never had a problem before? >> never had a problem before.
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for a lawsuit, he hopes this is a lesson learned. >> the staff did not appropriately communicate to me what had happened, that is what disturbed me. matt: the victim in this case is not being cared for by daytona health care anymore. he lives in a facility for veterans. matt lupoli, wesh to. jason: now to a wesh 2 exclusive. a local pest control man is behind bars, accused of stealing while on the job and deputies believe more victims could be out there. he is suspected of taking more than $10,000 worth of gold and diamonds from her jewelry box. matthew blake of massey services is charged with the theft. investigators say he sold the loot at a local pawnshop. >> when the seminal county sheriff' s department showed me pictures, i was appalled. i could not believe that so much was gone. the sentimental value, the
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life. i don' t even have words to describe him. jason: you should contact the seminole county sheriff' s office a call if you think blake stole from you. two apopka women are facing charges after officers say they brutally attacked a 74-year-old man in his own home over his pain medication. >> they need to get out of here, man. jason: police tell us the women hit ronald hollingsworth with a cutting board and then stole 100 pain pills. he and his neighbor were able to identify those suspect. wesh 2 was there when police arrested tosha mullins and britney telegdy. the victim' s son says his father tried to fight back. the victim is expected to be ok. ahead on sunrise, the orlando magic welcomed one of the nba elite teams, the san antonio spurs. this one would go right down to
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stewart: the orlando magic are just 15-40 all-time against the san antonio spurs, who have the second-best record in the league. the magic, five games below 500 but winning their last few in a row. jumping to a big lead. to the amway, picking up in the fourth quarter, orlando' s
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87 and 76, spurs down most of the second half until san antonio backup 94-93. magic inbounding, 48 nails the three. quiet leonard, the person who would be the m.v.p. if not for seth curry drains the two. one last shot for orlando, a hail mary pass on ash wednesday evening, looking for a prayer. the ball bounces right in front of elford, exit up, lays it up, but it misses the bucket. san antonio 98, orlando 96. the next game for the magic against dallas at home a week from friday. soccer fans flooded the box office as single-game tickets
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not just among the fan base, but the team as well. the head coach spoke after practice. >> it has been a good day because we trained really hard this morning as well. we are very much aware. not to keep them standing up -- standing around too much. stewart: the lions start the 2016 preseason saturday against the jacksonville ormond the. they open the regular season march 6 at home against salt lake city. taking on the florida everglades, taking this one for-one. hard to believe, but we are just a week away from the start of spring training. central florida native new york mets pitcher is ready to hit the mound.
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for the season in port st. lucie. they say there are no shaky nerves heading to a season with skyhigh expectations. >> it feels good, it is going to be a lot of fun. we have fun on and off the field, so looking forward to it. it is going to be a fun group of guys. stewart: pitchers and catchers report to camp on the 17th. brian vickers is expected to replace andrew driver tony stewart. have a great thursday. jason: still ahead, another check of your forecast on a very cool morning. you will want to bundle up. here is a view of our tower cam from the w -- wesh 2.
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jason: right now, we' re working on new stories for our 5:00 hour of sunrise. michelle imperato joins us from the newsroom with a preview, michelle: good morning. the justice department files a lawsuit against the city of ferguson, missouri. we will tell you what they want from the police force. plus, a stunning sight from space. the new video that shows the power of lightning from high above earth. then a new effort to combat the spread of the zika virus. what will be debated on capitol hill today. and one of the most popular bands in history is getting a the unique children' s show that is coming to netflix. all that and much more on wesh 2 news sunrise. jason: today it is chilly out there, you notice it as soon as you step outside. amy: it is a cold start, literally a freezing, frosty, frigid start in central florida.
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airport in and we only made it into the upper 50' s -- the cold air poured in and really only made it into the upper 50' s. most of us will get back into the lower 60' s, even some mid-60' s. it is not back to normal yet but at least it is a lot warmer with lots of sunshine. look how cold we are compared to average, 28 in ocala. we have a couple of hours to go before sunrise. the average low is 45, upper 50' s is the average low for daytona beach and melbourne. we have dropped into the upper 30' s and the spots. orlando is back up to 40, 37 in melbourne and the palm coast. 38 degrees in winter haven, but much of marion county is freezing and the freeze warning remains in effect until 9:00 a.m. as the temperatures will
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even shortly after sunrise, 7:08 is when sunrise happens. we are going to keep dropping, especially with these lighter winds and clear skies, and some of us have a wind chill. in melbourne it is 37 and when you factor in the windchill, it feels like freezing. as the temperatures drop even and the places where we do not have actual freezing air temperatures, the air temperatures will get cold enough that we will have frost develop. if you have pictures, i would love to see them. less windy today, it will be warmer, lots of sunshine expected. we will climb to 64 in ocala and the villages, and claremont. 65 in st. cloud and kissimmee. we will top out at 62 in daytona
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headed in palm bay. tomorrow we will be a little bit warmer, and the 70' s make a comeback. lots of sunshine again tomorrow. the temperatures are going to climb. a big ridge of high pressure will move in, bringing us changes for friday and saturday. sunday will be nice, although another front without rain will come through, and that will coolest down just a little bit for valentine' s day. ted: i-4, roadwork wrapped up for the night and nice and quiet on the 48. if you are going to be heading out, been pretty good. i-4 on the westbound side, it is delay-free. i-4 eastbound getting into downtown orlando, watch for some roadwork around princeton street that wraps at fairbanks.
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let' s get out to alex villareal. alex: it has been one of the coldest mornings of the season, jason, and i can actually see my breath. coming up, i will tell you what local shelters are doing to make sure everybody stays warm. announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now on sunrise, make sure you keep a jacket with you before you have the door. we are tracking some very cold temperatures in central florida. amy sweezey has a look at what we can expect. jason: new information about a man expected -- suspected of killing two deputies in maryland. he charges he was wanted for in central florida. time to get up and atom on this
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